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'Worship Unprecedented' is a class, series, and Workbook that is designed to equip the believer in the fundamentals of worship, praise, devotion, and prophetic psalm. 

To understand the foundation of the Gospel of The Kingdom of God effectively ruling in earth through our submitted lifestyle and how that in turn directs our worship unto Him. 

In this course there will be birthed songs of the Lord via singing, music, and interpretation of the prophetic arts ministry.

Courses are interactive detailing the History, Culture, and impact of the lifestyle of Kingdom Worship and how applicable it becomes in the life of a New Breed of Believer. 

Parts will be in lecture format, parts in participation of
students, and parts activation into the marketplace

Course/Workbook Objectives
• Education in the foundation of Kingdom Worship
• Equipping for Marketplace Ministry of Kingdom Worship

Course Topics
• Kingdom Foundation – what is it, where is it, how does it work?
• Intimacy – Into Me See – See into me Building relationship with Abba
• History of Worship as outlined in biblical perspective – Tabernacle to Present Day
• Prophetic Gifting, and how it ties into the lifestyle of worship
• Activation – Scavenger Hunts

Text and Required Supplies
• Worship Unprecedented Workbook
• Worksheets will be provided
• Other materials TBA
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